Chemin De Fer

Not many of us would be able to understand what exactly Chemin De Fer stands for. Play baccarat at sites given by site. To put in simple English words, it is nothing but almost the European equivalent of the American Baccarat. In fact in USA and other countries Chemin De Fer is referred to as European baccarat. In fact the rules and regulations governing Chemin De Fer are almost the same as American Baccarat. When it comes to scoring. It would not be out of place and wrong to state that both the American variants and the European variants are the same. However there is one area of difference between European baccarat and American Baccarat and this relates to the banker, you can have fun at Play United Casino online. As far as the American Baccarat is concerned the house is the banker, whereas as far as Chemin De Fer is concerned the banker is not fixed but keeps on moving from one player to another.

The main characters in Chemin De Fer or European baccarat consists of three people, viz. dealer or bankers, and two players who are also referred to as punters. The main goal of a customer playing this game is to receive a hand from the dealer. The hand should be equal to nine or should be the closest to nine. However, as far as winning the jackpot in European baccarat is concerned, it is very important for the punter or the gambler to also win and beat the dealers' hand enjoy other popular games at Red Flush Casino site.

As far as the basic rules are concerned, face cards and even ten's are treated as zero, while all the other numbers are calculated on their face value. For example is a person has a hand of four and three it is taken as seven and so on. One more unique feature of Chemin De Fer is that it is played by 10 players and hence the house seldom risks anything, you can play live baccarat at Global Live casino online.